NEC Money Exchange

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1. What are the ID requirements for Individual / Personal Transactions?

You will need to provide the following proofs of ID:

A. Resident

  • CPR/Smart card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s License

B. Non Resident

In-case of non resident’s two forms of ID has to be collected; one should be ID issued by the residing country.

2. What are the ID requirements for Corporate/Business Transactions?

You will need to confirm the purpose of the transaction and also provide the following documents relating to the Company/Business:


  • Copy of Commercial Registration of the company.

Letter of Representation

Confirming that company has given authority to the customer to act on behalf of the company, the same should be authorized by Proprietor/Director of the company along with the following:

  • CR;
  • CPR / Smart card details of representatives;
  • CPR / Smart card details of authorizing person.
3. What additional information do you need for high value transactions?

You will need to provide information to confirm the source of funds for all transactions of BHD5000 and over. Also, for all Cross Border cash transactions of BHD 5,000 and over, or the equivalent in foreign currency, a customs declaration form is required.

NEC Remit

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1. What does NEC Remit Online service provide?

The Web Based, secure online remittance system will allow web users to register or log in, and transfer money from Bahrain to various predefined destinations in the world.

2. Who can use this facility?

This facility can be used by anyone who registers with NEC Remit and has a debit card with the benefit logo on it.

3. How long does a NEC Remit money transfer usually take?

NEC Remit is committed to getting your money to the destination you choose as quickly as possible, payment processing normally takes between 2 to 48 working hours.Once your transfer has been processed through our system a confirmation receipt would be generated for your records.

4. How will my beneficiary receive the money?

NEC remit would credit the money transfer to the beneficiary bank account provided by the remitter.

5. How do I pay for a Nonoo Remit transaction?

You may safely and securely pay using your debit card with the benefit logo on it.

6. How much money can I send from NEC Remit?

You can send up to $2,999/-­‐ per transaction, per day.

7. How will I know when my beneficiary has received the money?

This facility can be used by anyone who registers with NEC Remit and has a debit card with the benefit logo on it.

8. In what currency will my recipient receive the funds?

In which ever currency you have opted to send the transfer.

9. Which currencies can I remit?

Registered customers can log on to NEC Remit and choose the currency available to the destination country.

10. I am trying to add a beneficiary, but I do not know what ABA number is?

ABA (American Bankers Association) number is a 9 digit bank routing code which comprises the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol, the bank identification code and the branch identification code. You can obtain this information from your bank.

11. From where can I get detailed information of the transaction that I have made through the web site?

NEC Remit customers are able to view the transaction history as and when required by logging into the website by their credentials. The users can track the transactions and know the status.

12. Can I change my Personal details as provided by me at the time of registration?

Customer can modify the details in the Edit profile menu from time to time if required.

13. I have forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

If you cannot remember your password please click the Forgot Password link on the Login screen, you have to enter your email id. Password will be sent to your Email.

14. Can I cancel/amend my remittance transaction?

Once you have approved the transaction it cannot be cancelled as it is processed automatically at the same time.

15. How can I submit a query on a processed transaction?

In the Contact Us section customer can post transaction related queries.

16. How will I know that my financial information is secure?

At NEC Remit, we take your online data security and privacy seriously. Nonoo Remit is committed to securing your financial information and uses proven technology to protect and secure your personal information. Visit Nonoo Remit Online Security and Privacy for more information

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